Trim Dies

A die shoe on the mill.

A trim die with one slide.

Our Specialty: Trim Dies

New Trim Dies

The competitive difference in tooling is experience and Griffin Tool has been in the trim die buisness since 1988. We blend our experience with a robust, productive, and pratical mentatlity in order to design and build a tool which performs above expectations.

Our employees boast a wide range of skills, experiences, and speciailizations. Pair this with our high tech arsenal of machinery and equipment [(15) CNC's, (2) Large Bridge Mills, (4) Hoists with max 15 ton capacity, too name a few] and there is virtually no trim die out of our capabilities.

Design and Engineering

We design with the customer in mind. There are special challenges involved with different types of casting finishing, whether it the simplest push through trim die or more complex trimming such as multiple slide, compound trims set up for automation. To overcome such challenges, we understand it is imperative to involve the customer early in the design process and communicate throughout the build. This customer communication philosophy and countless years of experience in the die cast and foundry industry ensure the best possible products are being developed.

Trim Die with Multiple Slides

Software Capabilities

Our primary design enviroment is SolidWorks, but we can import and export a variety of 3D formats including Parasolid (.X_T), Step (.stp), and IGES (.igs). We also maintain a seat of NX.

trim die


Reworks, Repair and Preventative Maintinence

Whether the die has been damaged or simply needs a clean up, Griffin Tool can make it look like new. We'll tear it down, check every piece and component for signs of wear, replace whats needed, and perform any engineering changes. When it's all put back together, it will look and perform like new.